Seraphine ThirteenEdit

Seraphine is the youngest of the 13thirteens, and very new to her powers, although she is by far the strongest. As the newest recruit, she is still learning the ropes of the coven, and whilst some of the thirteens are nice and helpful, some really aren't.


  • Name: Seraphine Thirteen
  • Age: 13
  • DOB: 13/9/00
  • Hair Colour: Auburn
  • Eye Colour: Purple
  • Power: Everything
  • Mother: Ursula Thirteen
    Seraphine's Eye
  • Dad: Steven Canterbury


Even though she is the newest and youngest in the coven of the thirteen, Seraphine is by far the most powerful. As her mother was a thirteen, and her father was a caster, she has the power over everything, and will be a formidable force to fight against, given the right training.


Seraphine is quite shy at times, but, coming from a magical family, sometimes her blood does boil and she finds it hard to stop herself from casting an angry spell. This often gets her into trouble, and before she joined the thirteen, she would often find herself in the headmasters office at school for accidental spells, although, being mortals, they did not realise magic was afoot.