Lavinia's Eye

Lavinia ThirteenEdit

With her power to control the Air elements, watch out for people flying around when Lavinia's about. She usually keeps herself to herself, only really talking to Carlotta, her best friend out of the 13.


  • Name: Lavinia Thirteen
  • Age: 17
  • DOB: 13/01/1996
  • Hair Colour: Chesnut
  • Eye Colour: Pink
  • Power: Air
  • Mum: Unknown
  • Dad: Unknown


Flying, Levitating objects and making whirlwinds are just some of the things that Lavinia can do with her power to control the air. As she can fly, she makes good use of that power, and it is rare to see her walking anywhere (unless she's hunting mortals, when she has to pretend to be a mortal herself). Almost everything in her bedroom is around two feet off the ground, even her bed! Her power is a help in battle as she can swoop in from above with a surprise attack.


Lavinia usually keeps herself to herself, only talking when answers are needed, and sharing secrets only with Carlotta, her best friend in the coven. When she first joined the Thirteen at the age of 15, she was very very shy and it took a logt to even get her this far out of her shell.