Elvira Thirteen== Elvira is the second in command of the 13thirteen, and she tries to do her job as fairly and kindly as possible. She views Desdemona's way of doing things quite harsh and unkind, and is forever trying to soften the tough skinned leader.


  • Name: Elvira Thirteen
  • Age: 22
  • DOB: 13/4/1991
  • Hair Colour: White Blonde
    Elvira's Eye
  • Eye Colour: Chocolate Brown
  • Power: Can see into the Future
  • Mum: Unknown
  • Dad: Unknown


Elvira's power is to see into the future, but it is unknown how her power works and why. Every so often, she goes into a trance and sees flashes from the future, but these are never very clear and she cannot do it on demand. Nvertheless, she is a valid asset of the group, as the knowledge that she views is often an advantage in battle and seduction.


Elvira is very kind, and having lived as one of the 13thirteen for over five years, she is always one of the first to help the newbees settle in and get used to the change of environment. Many of the coven are very glad for her kindness and justice, as she helps Desdemona lead, and if she was not there, Desdemona would be extremely harsh.