Desdemona ThirteenEdit

Desdemona is the leader of the 13thirteen, and is very proud of it too. She sees it as her job to lick the City of London into shape, and make sure that women realise that men are of no use at all, as science has moved on and babies can be produced with out the help of men. Because of this she is very strict, but is kind to Seraphine when she first arrives.


  • Name: Desdemona Thirteen
  • Age: 29
  • DOB: 13/6/1984
  • Hair Colour: Dark Blonde
  • Eye Colour: Silver
  • Power: Telekenesis
  • Mother: Desdemonie Thirteen
    Desdemona's Eye
  • Father: Unknown


Desdemona has the power of telekenesis, the power to move solid objects with out touching them. This is a very good battle power, as it enables her to knock her opponenets off her feet or move weapons that she can't reach.


She can be quite strict at times, and she is ruthless and merciless when it comes to dealing with traitors and men. Her mother was killed by a man named Jonathan Morgan, and this gives her a special hatred of the Morgan family. Despite this she is still kind to Seraphine when she first joins, but kindness turns to fury when she finds out that Seraphine is in love with Blane Morgan.