Yes, i know this is Logan Lerman but this is how i imagine Blane to look

Blane HarrisonEdit

Blane is a slayer, a group of hunters who's job it is to hunt and kill the thirteen. He is a member of the Harrison Partrol, named so because his mother, Lady Harrison, runs the group. He is described by others as kind and easy going, but lethal in a fight.


  • Name: Blane Harrison
  • Age: 14
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Eye Colour: Bluey Green
  • Speciality: Blade and Sword-fighting
  • Siblings: Ashley (Twin sister)
  • Mother: Lady Harrison
  • Father: James Harrison (Deceased)


  • Fighting: 9/10
  • Intelligence: 7/10
  • Bravery: 10/10
  • Looks: 8/10


Blane is quite an easy going person, and this makes him likeable and friendly. However, if you get on the wrong side of him, he is as deadly as an raging lion. He has a good sense of humour, but this does sometimes lead to him cracking jokes in the most inappropriate times and places.


Blane's slayer speciality is swordsmanship, and fighting with any kind of blade. The only blkade that anyone can beat him in is throwing knives, which is his sister Ashley's speciality. His speciality is helpful during battle as he can stab and kill multiple enemies at once.