Ashley HarrisonEdit

Ashley is Blane's twin sister, and although they have a lot of arguments, she would do almost anything for him, and vice versa. She is a slayer, and a member of the Harrison patrol which is led by her mother, Lady Harrison. She is very sarcastic and some descibe her as quite bitchy and harsh.


  • Name: Ashley Harrison
  • Age: 14
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Eye Colour:  Brown
  • Speciality: Thowing Knives
  • Siblings: Blane (Twin Brother)
  • Mother: Lady Harrison
  • Father: James Harrison (Deceased)


  • Fighting: 7/10
  • Intelligence: 8/10
  • Bravery: 8/10
  • Looks: 8/10


Underneath her tough, outer skin, there is a very different person than the bitchy, almost cruel figure that most of the world see. Ashley does not let people see the real her because she is afraid of being hurt; the one time that she did let people see the real her, her father ended up dead and her family on the run. The real Ashley is passionate and caring, but sees these things as signs of weakness and does all she can to cover them up, leaving very little of the actual her on display to the earth.


With knives, Ashley is said to be as deadly as Satan himself, for one reason only: she never misses. If you find Ashley looking daggers at you, beware, for it won't be long until the real daggers start flying. Her throwing skills are useful in battle as she can take out opponents from a safe distance: she can get a blade of cover the distance of 100m in five seconds flat.